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WWe Day of Royal Rumble 2020

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100+ screencaps of Roman from WWE Day of Royal Rumble 2020 added to the spear galleries


Vancouver, BC

The Miz and John Morrison vs. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes The Miz and John Morrison. Miz and Morrison take the mic and start knocking The Usos, mentioning how they aren’t here tonight. Miz says they’ve been back for 1 month and already have cousin Roman Reigns fighting their battles. Miz talks about how he’s always here. Fans boo and Morrison tells them not to. Miz praises Morrison some and they talk some trash about SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day ahead of their match at Super ShowDown.

The music interrupts and out comes Reigns first for his team. Reigns stops on the stage and gets fireworks. Cole leads us to a video on the Reigns vs. King Baron Corbin feud, presented by Progressive. Reigns faces off with Miz and Morrison as he waits for his mystery partner. The music finally hits and out comes Daniel Bryan as a “yes!” chant starts up.

Bryan wraps up his entrance as we see King Corbin come walking down the steps in the crowd. Corbin has bought a ticket to the show. Fans boo Corbin heavily as he walks to a seat. Reigns can’t believe it. Reigns stares Corbin down as we go to commercial.

Catch Roman at the 1:10:00 mark.

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50+ Screencaps + video added of Roman Reigns at the Press Conference for WrestleMania 37 on 2/11/2020.


Behind the scenes of Roman Reigns’ “Elena of Avalor” appearance Get a look at Roman Reigns playing the role of the magical giant Kizin for the Feb. 7 episode of Disney’s “Elena of Avalor.”

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WrestleMania 36 Axxess Schedule: Roman Reigns

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WrestleMania Axxess takes over the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Fla., Thursday, April 2 – Monday, April 6.


8 p.m. – Roman Reigns – Platinum+

8 a.m. – THE NEW DAY – Platinum
10 a.m. – Edge – Platinum+
1 p.m. – Bray Wyatt – Platinum+
3 p.m. – The Miz / John Morrison – Platinum
6 p.m. – Sasha Banks – Platinum+

Platinum tickets – $125*
Platinum tickets include:

  • Autograph and professional photo with a Platinum WWE Superstar
  • Exclusive Platinum line at the event entrance
  • (1) 8×10 glossy photo of the appearing Platinum Superstar

Platinum+ tickets – $190*
Platinum+ tickets include:

  • Autograph and professional photo with a Platinum+ WWE Superstar
  • Exclusive Platinum line at the event entrance.
  • (1) 8×10 glossy photo of the appearing Platinum+ Superstar


Added 20+ screencaps + video of Roman Reigns on WWE Backstage 2/4/2020 talking about his defeat of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33

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Make A Wish 1/31/2020 Photos added

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Roman grants a wish for Gabriel 1/31/2020 in Tulsa, OK photos added to the galleries

Added 10+ screencaps of Roman talking to WWE at the Super Saturday Night Miami Superbowl Concert 2/2/2020

Roman Reigns attended the Super Saturday Night Miami Superbowl Concert by Lady Gaga on February 1, 2020

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February Roman Reigns 24/7 Fan of the Month!

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Congratulations to Rao our February RR 24/7 fan of the month!! Check out their photo and reason for being a fan below. 

” I love him alot.”

Roman Wall of Fans / Apply for Fan of the month

WWE Backstage 1/29/2020 Photos + Video

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Added 20+ Screencaps of Roman Reigns on WWE Backstage 1/29/2020 to the spear galleries.



Tulsa, OK

We go right to the ring and outcomes Roman Reigns to a pop. Reigns stops on the stage and puts his fist down for even more fireworks. Reigns heads to the ring as Greg Hamilton does the introduction. Reigns marches to the ring as Cole shows us stills from The Big Dog’s Falls Count Anywhere win over King Baron Corbin at Minute Maid Park during Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Cole also talks about how it came down to Reigns and winner Drew McIntyre in Sunday’s 30-Man Royal Rumble main event. The Usos are out next to join Reigns in the ring.

sd1312020-2.jpg sd1312020-25.jpg sd1312020-63.jpg sd1312020-18.jpg

Reigns takes the mic and says the good news is that he kicked Corbin’s ass all over Minute Maid Park on Sunday. The bad news is… Reigns stops to think about it, looking disappointed. The Usos finish his sentence and say Reigns lost, he lost the Rumble Match. Reigns said he did lose and he doesn’t like to lose, but they’re going to make it alright tonight by kicking King Corbin’s ass and his little b—–s, then focus on WrestleMania 36. The music interrupts as Corbin comes out with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to the stage. Fans boo and Corbin tells them to save it because the feeling is mutual. Corbin says Reigns cheated and only won the match on Sunday because The Usos helped him. Corbin says he would’ve done better and even won the Rumble Match if it weren’t for the cheating in the Falls Count Anywhere match. Corbin says he demanded this six-man match because he wants Reigns and The Usos to pay for keeping him from the title shot at WrestleMania. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso take turns taking shots at Corbin, Roode and Ziggler now. Corbin says he bets they had a lot of time to come up with jokes while they were sitting at home after embarrassing their family, a reference to Jimmy’s legal troubles.

Corbin shows us a replay of how they embarrassed Reigns with dog food last month. Reigns says either Corbin has a weird dog food fetish or he’s still living in that moment as if it’s the best moment of his career. Reigns proposes a stipulation for tonight’s match, mentioning it as the main event. The loser will have to eat dog food. Fans chant “yes!” as Reigns waits for an answer. Corbin accepts the stipulation. The Usos are glad Corbin accepted because they have a surprise they brought. They then have a huge amount of wet dog food brought to the stage on a table. The music hits as the announcers hype tonight’s line-up for Super SmackDown.

Loser Eats Dog Food: Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. King Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

The music interrupts Naomi’s celebration and out come The Usos – her husband Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. They greet each other on the ramp and The Usos hit the ring for tonight’s main event, which will see the losers eat dog food. We go back to commercial.

Added Digitals of Roman Reigns from WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Behind the Scenes


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