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Cameo Galleries added

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Added a Cameo screen caps gallery of Roman’s Cameo videos to the spear galleries. We will add to this whenever he does a Cameo request going forward.

cameo0708_-00005.jpg cameo07008candid.jpg cameo-00007.jpg
cameo3.jpg cameo-00037.jpg cameo-00027.jpg

  • Galleries: SOCIAL MEDIA – CAMEO

Added screencaps of The Day of The Shield: WWE Fastlane 2019 to the spear galleries

shielddayoffastlane2019-037.jpg shielddayoffastlane2019-027.jpg shielddayoffastlane2019-036.jpg shielddayoffastlane2019-025.jpg

Roman was featured on Roundtable With Jeff Jarrett and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on 6/22/2020 to speak about being a 2 time Leukemia Survivor and raise money for LLS.

llsroundtable2020-006.jpg llsroundtable2020-019.jpg llsroundtable2020-014.jpg llsroundtable2020-007.jpg



Added screencaps of Raw 4/22/2013: Team Hell No & The Undertaker Vs The Shield in UK on 4/22/2013  to the spear galleries

raw2013-005.jpg raw2013-007.jpg raw2013-028.jpg raw2013-022.jpg


Added screen caps of Roman & David Spade’s interview with Kayla Braxton to talk about the movie Netflix: The Wrong Missy

missywwe-00003.jpg missywwe-00014.jpg missywwe-00017.jpg missywwe-00022.jpg



Netflix: The Wrong Missy screencaps added

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Added screen caps of Joe Anoai aka Roman Reigns from the Netflix movie: The Wrong Missy to the spear galleries

Roman’s Role:

‘Missy’ begins with the worst first date ever.

A laid-back and lonely sort, Tim gets shot out of the cannon of love as soon as Missy enters his life. He almost gets into a fight with a large, muscular fellow (WWE wrestler Roman Reigns), she whips out a huge knife that would make Crocodile Dundee jealous, and while trying to escape out a bathroom window, Tim falls and grotesquely dislocates his ankle. Fortunately, Missy finds him and happily/crazily crams it back into place with a shudder-inducing crack.

Galleries: NETFLIX: THE WRONG MISSY 5/2020

Added screencaps of Roman Reigns from Good Morning America May 19th for LLS to bring awareness to blood cancers and advocate for patients, families and caregivers during Covid-19. For more information on how you can help or help someone else financially visit

goodmorningorland5192020003.jpg goodmorningorland5192020005.jpg goodmorningorland5192020011.jpg goodmorningorland5192020010.jpg

Added screencaps of Roman Reigns and his niece who has neurofibromatosis from May 17th, World NF Awareness Day Zoomathon event to the spear galleries

NFchildrens52020-010.jpg NFchildrens52020-005.jpg NFchildrens52020-003.jpg NFchildrens52020-008.jpg

Added screen caps of Roman Reigns from Undertaker The Last Ride to the spear galleries


Muscle & Fitness Magazine Full Print Layout

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Photographer @eschultz for Muscle and Fitness Magazine shared the full magazine layout for the April 2020 edition of Muscle & Fitness featuring Roman Reigns. You can see the full spread posted on our

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