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Rowan talks about “might being right” and how Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan know he’s right, as does the SmackDown locker room, which is why they’re afraid. Rowan goes on until Bryan’s music interrupts and out he comes to the stage with a mic. Bryan walks down the ramp and says if Rowan wants respect, fight him right now for it. Bryan drops the mic and they both ready for a match as the referee gets in between them to start things.

Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan after the match

– After the match, Harper hits the ring as Rowan’s music hits. Harper manhandles Bryan some and goes out of the ring to help Rowan clear the announce table. The music interrupts and out comes Roman Reigns to a pop. Roman leaps off the steel steps or a Superman Punch to Harper. Reigns rocks Rowan and delivers a Drive By to Rowan.

As a part of the Inked Magazine shoot, Roman did a behind the scenes video. Added 100+ screencaps to the photo galleries.

Roman Reigns Tattoo Tour | INKED Screencaps added

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Added 40+ screencaps of Roman Reigns Tattoo Tour with Inked Magazine in which he talks about the importance of his tattoos

Galleries:  Inked Magazine 2019


WWE Live Shanghai China 9/21/2019 Photos

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Added digitals of Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn on the Southeast Asia WWE live Tour: Shanghai China 9/21/2019 to the photo galleries

wweliveshanghaidigital2019-6.jpg wweliveshanghaidigital2019-3.jpg wweliveshanghaidigital2019-4.jpg wweliveshanghaidigital2019-1.jpg

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Inked Magazine| by Bill Hanstock 

If you were going to create a professional wrestler in a laboratory, you’d have a hard time coming up with one more perfect than Roman Reigns. The 6’3”, 260-plus-pound Reigns is almost impossibly handsome, with hair so lush and healthy that it borders on satire. Inside the ring, Reigns oozes charisma, ability, and athleticism, almost daring you to find something wrong with him. The WWE Superstar is one of the most popular, prominent and accomplished people on the entire 100-plus-strong roster. Both he and the announcers on weekly television programming will be happy to remind you that Roman Reigns is the Big Dog, and WWE is his yard.

Outside of the ring and away from WWE, Reigns is Joe Anoa’i, a native of Pensacola, Florida, who currently resides in Tampa with his wife and children. The 34-year-old is poised and confident at all moments, but soft-spoken, polite, and a genuinely lovely human being. Joe is the latest megastar to come from the Anoa’i family—one of the most extensive and storied pro wrestling families. You may have heard of his father, Sika: one half of the Hall of Fame Wild Samoans tag team. Or you’ve probably heard of his cousins, Yokozuna, Umaga and Rikishi. If all else fails, you almost certainly know about his most famous cousin of all: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Recently, Reigns spent time away from the ring due to a battle with leukemia. He used that hiatus, in part, to portray an art-imitates-life role as a relative of Dwayne Johnson’s character in the Fast and Furious spin-off film Hobbs & Shaw. Reigns says the experience was good for his soul, and although he did debate whether he should take the role beforehand, he ultimately felt like it was something he needed to do. “I felt like it was important for me to show that even though this crazy thing is happening to me I still have a life, I still have a passion, I still have goals,” he says. “And if there’s nothing necessarily holding me from achieving those then I might as well take advantage and do it, and show the world that it is possible, and put a whole new paint job on blood cancer.”

Added 20+ photos of WWE superstars visiting Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC 9/15/2019

WWE Live Manila Photos 9/20/2019

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Roman Reigns defeated Sami Zayn at WWE Live Manila, Philippines. Added photos to the galleries.

credit: abscbn

sdlive9172019-00003.jpg sdlive9172019-00011.jpg sdlive9172019-00020.jpg sdlive9172019-00030.jpg

Atlanta, GA

Daniel Bryan arrived on SmackDown LIVE and still insisted to the WWE Universe that Erick Rowan was his friend. But Rowan was not having it. He wasted no time interrupting and reiterated that he would no longer be disrespected by Bryan. In response, Bryan dared him to do something about.

Bryan’s words, though, quickly turned into a 2-on-1 assault by Rowan and the recently returning Luke Harper, and the two massive Superstars overwhelmed Bryan with a massive barrage.

In response, Roman Reigns made a beeline to the ring to jump into the brawl. The Big Dog emerged to bring the fight right to Harper & Rowan, but the numbers game was too much. Erick & Luke mowed down a sea of security before ripping a ring barrier free and decimating the former Universal Champion with it. They then drove Bryan through the announce table and left the blue brand completely destroyed.


WWE Shop: Roman Reigns screencaps added

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Added 30+ screencaps of Roman’s WWE Shop commercial to the photo galleries. Get the gear!

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Galleries: WWE – Promos – WWE Shop: Roman Reigns

Roman ranks among those who have held the Intercontinental title. He won his 1st IC title against The Miz on Monday Night Raw Nov 20, 2017 and became a Grand Slam Champion. Added 50+ screencaps and Digitals of his win and backstage interview.

raw11212017-00021.jpg  raw11212017-00009.jpg raw11212017-00046.jpg raw11212017-00083.jpg


Added 50+ screencaps and video of an interview Roman Reigns did with ESPN back in 2018. He talks about wanting to face Daniel Bryan and being  heel.

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