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Roman Reigns temporarily suspended on Raw!

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RAW 3/12/2018

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DETROIT — For the second time, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar did not honor a planned face-to-face with his WrestleMania challenger, Roman Reigns. Unlike last time, however, The Big Dog decided to take his grievances straight to the top, and unlike last time, he immediately faced the consequences.

Reigns’ protests to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle over Lesnar’s absence failed to produce a reprimand for The Beast Incarnate, which he said was no surprise, as Lesnar was “Vince’s boy.” As such, and given that The Chairman had “disrespected” Reigns by not informing him of Lesnar’s absence in person, The Big Dog made his way behind the curtain and demanded answers from the man himself.

Their ensuing closed-door meeting was not captured by cameras, though The Chairman was caught coming out of his office and cleared the air on a few matters. For one, Lesnar was nobody’s “boy,” least of all his own. For another, no matter who Lesnar respects or does not, The Beast had indeed been afforded special privileges and could take advantage of them if he chose. Third, even though Lesnar occasionally steps out of line, Mr. McMahon gave his word that Lesnar would be at WrestleMania and, more immediately, he would be at Raw next week.

That said, Mr. McMahon found he had suffered the only disrespect of the evening and, as a result, The Chairman announced that Reigns would be temporarily suspended for his actions.

Raw Preview 3/12/18

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Roman looks to confront The Beast Brock Lesnar Live on Raw this week!!

The time for talk, it seems, is over. Live on Raw, Roman Reigns and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will meet face-to-face, but they may be trading more than just insults. What will happen when The Big Dog and The Beast Incarnate step into the ring, four weeks before WrestleMania?

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Last week, Roman Reigns arrived on Raw and went in hard on an absentee Brock Lesnar after the Universal Champion no-showed his scheduled face-to-face with his WrestleMania challenger. If nothing else, The Big Dog seemed to slightly turn the tide of public opinion against The Beast Incarnate, but Paul Heyman, speaking for his client, proved to be entirely unconcerned with the opinions of the audience when he arrived to “set the record straight.”

The Advocate began by demonstrating his and Lesnar’s status by laying the Universal Title down on the mat and didn’t waste any time in rebutting Roman’s remarks about Lesnar’s schedule: According to Heyman, The Conqueror isn’t any less impressive of a competitor because of limited appearances, just like The Undertaker. Furthermore, Reigns would never acquire the title because it “belongs to Brock Lesnar” and, according to Heyman, The Big Dog will never put the needs of the title above those of the family he fights to represent.

Reigns shoots on Lesnar WWE Raw 2/26/18

Following his win at Elimination Chamber the previous night; Roman Reigns was set to meet Brock Lesnar face to face on Raw 2/26/18. However, Brock Lesnar failed to meet his Wrestlemania opponent and was completely absent from Raw. This led to Roman Reigns calling out Lesnar and the fact Lesnar is an entitled piece of crap and hides behind his WWE contract and only shows up when the money is right and the city is right while The Big Dog and the rest of the WWE locker show up day in and day out around the globe no matter what. So why was Brock not at Raw and is this a shoot, storyline or a little of both.

According to Wrestling Observer here’s one theory:

We’re told the goal of the build to the Roman Reigns vs. Lesnar WrestleMania match on April 8th is to get Reigns cheered to lead to his win. Lesnar is also still scheduled to return on the March 12th Raw in Detroit.



In one of his best promos ever the Big Dog Roman Reigns comes out to the ring and calls out Brock Lesnar who no-showed Raw.

Raw Results 2/26/18

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Roman Reigns had a few things to say on Raw about Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, who failed to honor his scheduled appearance and meet Reigns face-to-face as their Road to WrestleMania begins. The Big Dog certainly did not hold back in a scathing indictment of The Beast Incarnate, targeting Lesnar’s cushy contract, his “entitlement,” and his perceived lack of respect for the business to which he belongs. But how many of Reigns’ insults hold water, and how many of them are just a result of his temper getting the better of him? analyzed five of Reigns’ harshest comments toward the Universal Champion with a deep dive to see whether the heated emotion is sufficiently backed up by cold hard facts.

THE INSULT: “Brock Lesnar’s an entitled piece of crap who hides behind his contract”

THE ANALYSIS: We don’t have access into the inner workings of Brock Lesnar’s mind, so it’s hard to tell if he’s hiding behind anything. And look: No-showing a scheduled appearance isn’t a good look by anybody’s measure, especially in an industry that’s so founded on tradition. But Lesnar and Paul Heyman have taken a more modern approach to deal-making and have never been shy about flaunting the leverage that The Conqueror’s talent gives them when it comes to contract negotiations.

In other words, this is less like “entitlement” than your garden-variety holdout in a franchise player’s contract year. And make no mistake, Lesnar is the franchise player of the moment. He’s Raw’s reigning World Title holder, and Team Red management is more beholden to Brock’s whims than usual. (Unless they want to strip him of his title, but that’s a whole other can of worms.) Nevertheless, it’s a solid burn by The Big Dog, one that accurately plays into a perception many in the WWE Universe hold (don’t lie — we see your tweets) but would never voice aloud: That Brock Lesnar believes he can’t be touched.

Roman Reigns on Talk is Jericho 3/31/2017

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Roman Reigns is a “Game of Thrones” fanatic! He made the Minnesota Vikings practice squad, played in the Canadian Football League (shout out to Edmonton!), worked for his sister as an office furniture installer, is a “back of the brother” (not what you think so layoff the social media hate), and comes from a very long line of professional wrestlers (grandfather, father, cousins)! He’s talking about all of that along with his first title belt, Brock Lesnar, Dusty Rhodes (including a wicked impression), and his upcoming match against the Dead Man this Sunday at Wrestlemania 33!

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