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WWE Day of Super ShowDown Gallery

by admin/March 13, 2020/1 Comment/ 89 views

Added screen caps of Roman Reigns from WWE Day of Super ShowDown to the spear galleries

1 Comment to "WWE Day of Super ShowDown Gallery"

  1. Elena cerda says:

    Hi my name is ELENA. And i just want to wish roman good luck. He is the best. He does so much for his passion of wrestling. I wish him luck at the matches that he does. Im very proud of him.. And outside of the ring. But i would love to wish him luck. Plus 😊 he is handsome. Sorry.. I just wish that i can see him.. And i wish he comes to san diego to wrestle. That would be nice.
    Plus watching his interview i wish him luck. I just want him to get his belt back. Good luck.
    And God bless roman. Much respect.

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